Best Five Places to Stay on a Honeymoon in Egypt

Egypt is known for the role it played in history. It has been a popular country ever since the bygone days of early civilization. With its historical pride, this place is best for honeymooners or life long partners to visit. Why? Mainly because, for the longest period of time, Egypt holds a certain magic for romance which was manifested by the great Ceasar and Cleopatra as lovers. To make the most out of your stay in Egypt, here are the top five places:

1. The Nile Palace, Luxor

Luxor, formerly Thebes the capital of ancient Egypt, a place with brilliant history is the 5th among the top list to visit in this historically rich country. It is also known as “The Open Museum of the World” and the home of the largest temple of Egypt, the Karnak Temple. The best part of all, Nile Palace hotel is strategically located for you to perfectly appreciate how magnificent the city is. Overlooking the shining Nile itself, is the perfect place for setting your mood for romance. The opulent gym will keep you fit and active, and the outdoor pool allows a wide view of the Egyptian sky at daylight and a romantic plunge under the star-lit Egyptian sky at night. Of course the Nile Palace will not be complete without the glamorous restaurant packed with mouth-watering menu that would surely satisfy your hunger. Lastly, the luxurious rooms furnished with fine furniture with stunning lights that will surely make your honeymoon in Egypt romantic and enchanting.

2. Oberoi Philae Cruise on the Nile

Oberoi Philae, the award winning “Best Nile Cruise” in several years in a row is the best mode for exploring the beauty of the Nile. This romantic and luxurious voyage starts at Luxor and travel throughout the Nile which allows you a river view of the impeccable scenery beneath the Nile. The cruise has over 58 elegant suites with fine carpet floorings that would lead you to your room for romance. With balconies and sun loungers, you and your love one will surely enjoy the scenery. The cruise also has a bar and restaurant, a perfect place for socialization with your co tourist, as well as exquisite food offered. Yet indeed, the best way of merging with nature is through river boating, but this is no ordinary boating, this is a luxurious and glamorous tour, a perfect romanticism.

3. Kasr Ibrim, Lake Nasser

For those who have more passion on discovery and console, an elegant and alluring cruise at the calm Lake Nasser is perfectly suited for you. The Kasr Ibrim is a more or less similar to the Philae in luxury. The Kasr Ibrim will tour you to every contours of the scenery along with its archeological treasures. By Kasr Ibrim, your mood will surely rise for sweet romance.

4. The Al Baben Shall, Siwa Oasis

Siwa is the largest oasis in the northwest region of Egypt. It is situated at approximately 9 hours away from Cairo, Egypt. Built using the natural resources available in place, Al Baben Shall is as brown and fine as the sand in the place. It will surely sweep off your feet when sunset comes because you will witness how an infrastructure turns into gold in just a matter of minutes. With the lightings at night, you will surely be fascinated on how a pure brown infrastructure turns into an elegant hotel. The hotel caters delightful regional food, ensuring your stay would be healthy. Indeed a hotel with luxury but in a different style.

5. The Mena House Oberoi, Cairo.

Built under the shadow of the great Pyramid of Giza, this enchanting hotel is somewhat the reality of the Palace in the classic Disney movie Aladin. Since 1869, this century-year- old hotel never fails to fascinate the tourists of Egypt. It is a luxurious hotel that is perfect for honeymooners and tourists due to the fact that this hotel is duly renowned for its exquisite antiques, rich textiles and handcrafted furniture. The hotel, with utmost perfection, has hosted different kinds of personalities across the globe already; ranging from kings, emperors, celebrities and head of state. With the Pyramids giving shade to their pool and the African sky at the backdrop, who would never fall in love with its enchanting mystique? The hotel has 24-hour room and butler services for checked in guests and bars and restaurants to fill up your own taste buds from their mouth watering international and Egyptian cuisines. Considering Mena House Oberoi as a place to stay for your honeymoon, it is safe to say that you’ve made the trip of a lifetime.